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Ecommerce Strategies Beyond Instagram

There is an ever growing increase in online sales since the year 2014. And experts forcasted that sales to surpassed $7 billion on 2025. Almost every e-commerce company are always looking for innovative ways to interact with the customers, so the forcasted sales is quite surprising. Another thing that contributes to this surprise is the easier checkout process brought by technology.

Advice for New Instagram Merchants

Sharing visually appealing photos isn’t enough to make it on Instagram. To get the most of this social media app, consider the following strategies:

1-Release High-Quality Articles

Depending on your target and available resources determine how often and at what times your brand’s content is published. However, you need to make sure that your Instagram posts are always intriguing and of high quality.

2-Combine Different Images

Instagram can get overly salesy if all your photographs do is highlight products (for instance, if you always use the same photo from the product page on your website). Add some flair to your picture taking. Think of zooming in on particular features or showcasing how your consumers utilize the products (we’ll get to that in a bit). You can still add some variety by providing seemingly unrelated photographs (for instance, if you manage a restaurant supply store, you could show food shots).

3-Thumbs Up for Hashtags!

There is a reported 12.6% comparable engagements for those IG posts using hashtags than those without. 

Through hashtags, branded posts can able to reach hundreds of IG users who are following the said hashtag even if they are not following your company. Do not let this precious opportunity slip your fingers!

4-Define an Ideal Account

Both Instagram and Google aim to provide people with high-quality material that they will appreciate, even though they are totally separate platforms. In order to accomplish this, Instagram uses non-branded search terms like “photography tips” or “inspirational quotes” to display search results.

5-Disseminate User-made Media

A great way to grow your Instagram following is to encourage users to mention your business or items in their own posts; this is called user-generated content (UGC). Incentives such as photo contest entries, discounts on future purchases, or extra loyalty program points might encourage your audience to provide positive reviews of your products online.

6-Form Partnerships with Influential Users on Instagram

People whose opinions have a significant impact on others are known as influencers. Collaborating with influencers who have a following of people who might be interested in hearing about your business is the key.

7-Be More Efficient

Instagram offers a variety of features that can enhance your productivity. There are some Direct Message Automation offering from other third-party company. It streamlines a lot of your tedious communication tasks.

Make it easy for your customers to find and buy your products by having a presence on Instagram if they already spend time there. To get the most out of Instagram, you may visit and think about automating some of the steps.

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