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Author: Tammy Gloriana

IPTV and Its Contribution to the Digital Economy and Smart City Development

Technological Innovations
Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) has come up with a new style of media consumption that will bring an end to traditional cable and broadcast television by streaming content via the internet. In this perspective, it is important that we appreciate the role of IPTV, which is not only changing the face of entertainment but also playing key role in digital economy and smart city development. 1. Driving Digital Economy The digital economy receives a boost from IPTV through innovation, economic growth and the creation of business models. It’s worth noting that traditional TV networks require massive infrastructure and investment, making them less accessible and rigid. On the other hand, IP-based television uses IP networks, reducing costs and making entry into this field cheaper. Due ...

The Economic Value of Web Design in Dallas: Trends and Analysis

Technological Innovations
At Dallas, a colorful city where business acumen meets tech adventurism, web designing is much more important than ever. They must understand the economics of web design if their businesses are to make any headway in the fiercely competitive Dallas market. This trend paved the way for firms like JSL Marketing (check out to learn more) to help businesses with their web design and marketing requirements. Let us examine some trends and analyses shaping this dynamic area: Increased User Experience (UX) Driving Conversion In Dallas’ busy business environment, user experience is king. Web design plays a key role in developing easy interfaces as well as seamless navigation thereby improving user satisfaction at last. Companies investing in user-driven design report ...