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When you own your own business, you’re the one calling the shots. That means you can make strategic decisions that benefit your company above all else. But does that mean that you have to leave your community behind? Not at all! In fact, by working to support and strengthen your local economy, your business can help it thrive. Here are some ways that your business can help the local economy.

Hiring Locally

One of the best ways to support and grow your economy is to hire locally. And we don’t just mean hiring locals for service-oriented positions like waitstaff, maids, and chefs. Even executives and senior management positions can go to locals.

While it might seem like a good idea to bring in an outsider to fill a top position, it can do significant harm to your local economy.

Purchasing Locally Produced Goods

If you’re in the business of purchasing goods or materials, you have a lot of control over the economy of your local area.

And that’s because you have the power to purchase goods produced locally, rather than imported goods. That doesn’t mean you have to buy everything made in your backyard, but it’s a good idea to look for locally produced goods when possible.