2030: The Future of Talent

About This Research Project: 

The sustained success of national economies is increasingly a function of the capability and quality of the human capital engaged in value creation within that economy. Flows of labour across borders and regions are as old as antiquity. The imperative to attract the ‘talent’ to plug shortages and contribute to value creation means that no government can be complacent about talent flows into and out of their economies. Gaining some understanding about the future of talent must be of strategic interest to both policy makers and long-term businesses/investors.

Do we really understand what talent is now or what talent will look like in the future? Conducted in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), this research piece explores how ‘talent’ is understood in Singapore and how the talent landscape might evolve by 2030 and the drivers likely to shape the nature and recognition of ‘talent’ in 15 years. In such an exploration, there is also an open opportunity to deconstruct some of the prevailing assumptions of what makes ‘talent’ talent.

In the report, we delve into 4 possible scenarios of the future and focus on their respective implications for the State, society, organisations and individuals.

A short article on this research is also available here.

This initiative is a collaboration between the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and HCLI.

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