Past events

27/Mar/2017 - 31/Mar/2017

The HR Leaders Programme (HRLP) is dedicated to deepening the understanding of Asia-specific human capital issues in the context of disruptions that businesses in a globalising Asia are facing.


Many Indonesian business leaders see themselves as the father of the family and a family-like approach is adopted in the workplace. Looking ahead, certain drivers of change will cause Indonesia’s business leadership to evolve. There has to be a shift towards engagement, empowerment, transparency and objectivity. How can Indonesia's businesses and their leaders transform?

20/Mar/2017 - 20/Jun/2017
09 AM - 12 PM

Mainland China’s senior business leaders have been shaped by different influences. Their Chinese heritage rooted in Confucianism, rapid ascent from the Cultural Revolution till today, and the specific organisation that they work for are some factors. As China evolves, so must its leaders and their businesses. How should they do so? Beyond exporting goods and services, can they export true global leaders for the world?


Consider Vietnam’s top-down societal culture, its history of the last four decades (when the Vietnam war ended and a communist government took over), and economic development that only really accelerated in the last 15 years. As Vietnam continues its integration into the global economy, it is imperative that its business leaders prioritise corporate governance, professional management, employee upskilling and business scale. Can they make the leap?