Past events


Designed to address the evolving needs of Board Directors in Asia, this series provides the most current thinking on board effectiveness from global thought leaders, blended with key insights and practical ‘usable’ knowledge from some of Asia’s renowned boardroom leaders. Discussion themes for each forum vary and are continually refreshed to reflect topical subjects.

25/Sep/2017 - 29/Sep/2017

The Global LEADERS! programme provides an exclusive group of senior executives with the opportunity to reflect on their personal leadership effectiveness, enhance their strategic perspectives through provocative discussions, sharpen their business acumen and enable them to engage in mutual exchange with peers from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

20/Sep/2017 - 21/Sep/2017

Asia's premier annual human capital and leadership conference - the Singapore Human Capital Summit. The ultimate knowledge exchange and networking platform for business leaders in Asia.


Malaysia’s corporate workplaces are characterised by high power distances and an inclination towards relationships. Yet, competition from global entrants, local iconic attackers and technology-backed game changers will require business leaders to focus on strategic thinking and participative decision-making. Will Malaysia’s business leaders make the most of harnessing their top talent and build globally-competitive businesses?