The World of Work in 2030

“If you could only take one currency to an island, what would it be?” Would it be paper money or bitcoin? Most would likely say the US dollar, but after considering the future of currency, it might not be so clear. The RMB? The Euro? These are the types of questions—‘what will the future of _________ look like?’— posed during workshops facilitated by Future Agenda

This is the mandate of Future Agenda: to take a look at what we predict will change in the next ten years. And the ‘we’ is important—Future Agenda aggregates information from all over the world. It’s not meant to answer the question of what the future will look like; rather, its focus is to provide insight into what people are thinking about worldwide.

 At a Future of Currency workshop—which brought together industry leaders, experts and thought leaders— the conversation served as a way to crowdsource information and ideas on what money and exchange might look like in 2030.


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