Three Takeaways from Visa University Singapore Launch

Visa University Singapore officially launched on August 1, 2016. As part of the opening, VISA hosted a panel discussion on the future—of digital, of leadership, of the workforce. Read on for three takeaways from the discussion, which included panelists Wong Su-Yen, CEO of the Human Capital Leadership Institute; Jonathan Briggs, Founder of Hyper Island; Mandy Lamb, Group Country Manager CIS/SEE, Visa; Matt Dill, SVP, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, VISA; and John Davis, Duke CE, Singapore.

1. How to think differently about innovation: Colour blind and glasses. Too intense. Is tech group a way of transforming or new biz? It's a new dimension that we all need to be able to see, change some of what we know is true as well as what could now be possible. Put the glasses on them and help them see new, but we need to support them when it becomes too intense. How visa looks at how to educate staff and clients.

When thinking about how to develop leaders differently, ask yourself how you...

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