SIXCAP: Challenging the Status Quo

Patrick Teng, the Founder, Chairman & Chief Dealer of SIXCAP, a pioneering digital technology company focused on harnessing the power of crowds, and Professor Gordon Hewitt, the former Chairman of its Global Advisory Board, share how the future of work ties in with SIXCAP’s mandate to bring about positive socio-economic change

Q: How do you see the future of trading/investing?

Patrick Teng: I formed SIXCAP in 2009 due to the transformation that occurred in the market following the global financial crisis in 2008. New regulations, and in particular the introduction of the Volker Rule, meant that due to the ban on proprietary trading, the role of banks as “market makers” is greatly diminished. This served to create the new normal; entirely new dynamics and significantly greater volatility in the currency markets. It meant that a fundamentally new approach was needed.

At SIXCAP, we...

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