Q&A with Superbosses Author Sydney Finkelstein

Picture this: your boss is a genius at selling your company’s B2B product. Rather than going on meetings solo—which most of his peers do—he always brings someone on his team. This time it’s you, and he expects you to close the deal. You’re unsure, but he believes in you. Plus, you’ve been observing his strategy for the last six months, since he started giving you more opportunities. Stressful? For sure. A stretch role? Definitely.

This—stretch roles— is one way a Superboss trains their apprentices, which Professor Sydney Finkelstein has spent the last 10 years studying. He speaks with Sara Moulton and Nousheen Jalal of the Human Capital Leadership Institute about the DNA of a Superboss, the Superboss effect and how anyone can be a Superboss

HQ Asia: What are traits that Superbosses share?

Sydney Finkelstein: Superbosses are leaders or bosses who help other people to accomplish more than they ever thought...

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