Lessons in Leadership from Tata (Part I)

Vinod Kumar, CEO and Managing Director of Tata Communications, sat down with HQ Asia for a conversation about alignment, balance and legacy. This is part one of a two-part series which explores Kumar's leadership journey, what one skill leaders must have, as well as how Tata Communications drives innovation and why it's a socially responsible enterprise.

From an early age, Vinod Kumar observed the balance between intellect and empathy. His earliest teachers were his parents. Through his mother, he learnt about emotional intelligence (EQ). “My mother has great EQ skills in terms of being able to relate to anyone at their level,” he explains. From his father he learnt about intelligence quotient (IQ) and what it takes to be a deep thinker. Although young, he also learnt about the Maltese polymath, Edward De Bono, originator of the concept of lateral thinking. 

In school, Kumar continued to absorb a mixture of knowledge and experiences...

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