Leading Mindfully: Latest Fad or Essential Skill?

Stop. Take a breath. Just observe the natural flow of your breath, letting go of anything that’s on your mind for a few minutes. Now, read on to hear more about the long-term benefits of mindfulness from Professor Jochen Reb, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources and Director of the Mindfulness Initiative at Singapore Management University

It may seem paradoxical to invite leaders to stop, when they are faced with seemingly ever-increasing demands to do things; to focus internally on their breath, when they should be focusing externally on their employees and strategies; to observe passively the flow of breathing, when they are normally encouraged to be proactive and get in control; to let go, when striving and achieving goals are considered the hallmarks of good leadership. However, as surprising as it may sound, according to emergent research, leaders might indeed benefit from engaging in simple mindfulness practices such...

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