Key Insights from the Asian Human Capital & Leadership Symposium

At the Asian Human Capital & Leadership Symposium (12-13 Oct) hosted by HCLI, we invited Jose Isidro N. Camacho (Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific, Country CEO of Credit Suisse), Richard Bailey (President APAC & Japan, HP Inc.), Natalia Shuman (Senior Vice President and General Manager, KellyOCG), Diaan-Yi Lin (Senior Partner, Singapore, McKinsey & Company) for a panel discussion on the future ready workplace. Here are some of the key insights from the panel:

It is found that in the US, 40% of the workforce will be at least partly involved in the gig economy by 2020. The gig economy made up of independent professionals is foreseen to have 70% of them choosing to be freelancers because they like it. The battle for talent is happening, and branded companies may not have the upperhand. Jobseekers are becoming less concerned with company branding and much more concerned about availability of opportunities.

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