Interview with Patu Keswani, Chairman and Managing Director, Lemon Tree Hotels

Lemon Tree Hotels won the Asian Human Capital Award (ACHA) for its innovative human capital practices. Lemon Tree Hotels has approximately 800 employees who are physically or mentally disabled, or opportunity deprived. Read on for a discussion with Patu Keswani, Chairman and Managing Director, for future plans, how roles are tailored for employees with disabilities and what other companies can learn from Lemon Tree Hotels.

HQ Asia: How did you decide to start including inclusive HR practices in Lemon Tree Hotels?

Patu Keswani: That happened quite by accident. In 2007, I think I quite randomly told  Human Resources to just hire two people with disabilities, two people who were speech and hearing impaired. And I asked to put them in one of the back-of-the-house areas because I was not quite clear obviously how they would integrate with the rest. And that’s when we started this journey. And a few months later, a lady came to invite me to her son’s wedding and when she...

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