Influence and Leader Development with Business Leaders from FedEx and Ingredion

At Human Capital Leadership Institute’s Global-Asia Leadership Accelerator Programme (GALAP), Khoo Seng-Thiam, Managing Director for FedEx Singapore and Erik Saito, Vice President- Finance & ANZ for Ingredion shared their expertise on topics like executive presence, influencing strategies, negotiation skills for business and leadership development. Here HQ Asia consolidates Seng-Thiam and Saito’s insights into two points, actionable takeaways and questions to ask yourself.
  1. Influence

According to both leaders, technical skills can be learned. What matters is how do you facilitate your team to get them to deliver? How you inspire your team begins to matter more.

One way to inspire and drive a team forward is through transforming the thought process of the team and individual contributors. This can be done by tweaking the way questions are asked. Rather than telling a team member to do something or stop feeling frustrated, it can be more beneficial to ask open-ended questions like Why are you feeling frustrated?...

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