How Astra is Shaping Indonesia's Future Leaders

In the 70s and 80s, Indonesia was a relatively unknown entity in the West; now it's the emerging economic powerhouse of Southeast Asia. The journey of Prijono Sugiarto, President of PT Astra International, parallels that of his homeland. He too has overcome adversity to take a leading role. Now, he seeks to pass insight and opportunities to the next generation

"I always knew what I wanted to do.” Prijono Sugiarto, President of PT Astra International, has spent nearly half his life at the giant conglomerate that, in terms of profits, revenues and market share, is easily Indonesia’s largest automotive firm. But aged 12 years old, all he wanted to be a mechanical engineer. 

Growing up in Jakarta with a father who built cars and Lambretta scooters for a living, Sugiarto loved watching how a team of technicians would assemble different pieces and components together. His older brother studied mechanical engineering and Sugiarto set out to do...

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