Garena: From Start-Up to Unicorn

How does a startup become Singapore’s first billion-dollar internet company? Garena, founded in 2009 by Group CEO and Chairman Forrest Li, aspires to be like the internet giants Alibaba and Tencent Holdings Ltd. HQ Asia speaks with Group President Nick Nash on how they’re capitalising on market gaps and finding talent to drive business.


On How Garena is Addressing the Market Gaps

In Southeast Asia, one in 10 individuals has a credit card, which means we needed to build a way to address the 90% of the market that doesn’t have a credit card. They typically transact in cash.

AirPay, which began as a payment platform for our digital content business, is now a flourishing thirdparty payment business in ASEAN for the unbanked population. In fact, it’s the second...

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