Four Rules for Global Leaders to Live By

Antonio Helio Waszyk, former Senior Vice President, Nestlé S.A., was the Southeast Asia Regional Head, as well as the Chairman of Nestlé India. HQ Asia spoke with Waszyk about his life, lessons learnt and his insights into thriving as a global leader

As a global executive for the last 30 years, Antonio Helio Waszyk attributes his success and longevity to always questioning what value he can create for the Nestlé Group. Joining the company in 1977, he explains that, despite living in six countries since leaving his Brazilian homeland, his own values, principles and outlook continue to align with the company. He shares the four key lessons he has learnt during his time as a global leader, the importance of a global experience, how to adapt to your host country while maintaining your own outlook and values and the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of...

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