3 Takeaways from HCLI’s Breakfast Series with Fons Tompenaars

Five authors sit at a table – American, Nigerian, French, Chinese and Russian. They’ve all written leadership books around a similar theme, authenticity. Which do you choose for your team to read?

The real answer is the book on leading in a multicultural environment doesn’t exist yet. According to Fons Trompenaars, founder of THT Consulting, acquired by KPMG, we need to rewrite the book on culture. That to create an organisational culture, one value cannot dominate the other as if they are on polarising sides of a horizontal line. Rather, leaders need to think of seemingly opposing values – imagination and sense of reality – on an x- and y-axis.

  1. Are you a peach or a coconut? One way conflict arises is when cultures clash. Trompenaars likens Americans to...
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