03 PM - 04 PM

Human Capital Insights: Learning and Development in Asia – What Works and What Makes It "Sticky"

In March 2015, HCLI, in collaboration with the Singapore Ministry of Manpower, has launched a book titled Human Capital Insights. In conjunction with the book launch, HCLI is organising a 3-part webinar series on Talent Management, Learning & Development, and HR Technology in Asia. 

Using the case studies published in the book, these webinars will delve into what makes HR unique in Asia and what it takes to implement successful people practices in this vibrant part of the world.

In this second webinar, we will explore the theme of Learning and Development (L&D). Over the last two decades, Lambardo & Eichinger’s 70-20-10 reference model of L&D has become the “gold standard” in virtually every training programme. The message advocated by Lambardo & Eichinger is clear – the most effective form of trainings are those that take place outside of formal classroom settings. Yet, many organisations today continue to invest disproportionately in formalized training programmes, sometimes at the expense of opportunities for informal learning.

In this webinar HCLI is partnering HR practitioners from two of the organisations featured in the book to discuss unique, and somewhat unconventional, aspects of their L&D programme. We will also highlight several other innovative L&D practices from our book, Human Capital Insights to illustrate how organisations can make their L&D “sticky”. 


  1. Learning and Development in Asia – What works and what don’t (20 minutes)
  2. Sharing of best practices by two organizations featured in the book (20 minutes)
  3. Q&A (20 minutes)
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