The Directors-In-Dialogue Series

Driving for Performance from the Board

4th July 2017 – 8.30 am to 3.00 pm, Singapore 

Boards are known to have an easier time ensuring effectiveness and preserving value than to drive for performance, which is often delegated to management. With global competition intensifying and the speed of change accelerated by digitalisation and other disruptions, boards are increasingly expected to take the lead in orchestrating and driving for performance. Boards that impose a "performance" culture unlock performance potential, pre-empt activist attack, reduce risk and competitive threats, and enjoy greater strategic independence.

Programme Details

Facilitated by Professor Ludo Van der Heyden, this session will discuss what boards can do to engage management on such a "performance driving" mandate - one that resolutely drives out "satisfactory underperformance."  Ludo will be joined by Dr Edward Krubasik, an active Chairman with more than 20 years of turnaround experience, to address the following topics:

  • How performance driving boards search for signs and causes of non-performance
  • How such boards prevent their companies from sliding into a crisis
  • How boards build a sustainable performance advantage by combining better practices from global competitors
  • How this drive for performance makes companies more robust and reduces the surprise of "sudden" market, technology or competitive threats
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