Editor's note

May 2017 Editor's Note

Thursday, 27 April 2017, 11:36 AM

Throughout April, we looked at the future: how a medical sales company is using innovative HR practices, how to manage talent in the gig economy and what the best bosses are really made of. We also spoke with seasoned leader, Michael Fraccaro, global CHRO for Mastercard, about Mastercard’s customer-driven approach to HR. He also shared what skills HR will need to upskill in to remain competitive.

This month, we at HCLI return to one of our flagship programmes—the Singapore Business Leaders Programme. For six days, a cohort of leaders about to take a country manager role (or equivalent) meet and discuss topics centred around the theme of Globalised Leaders for Asia. Many of the articles for this month will also align with this theme and aim to showcase best practices for how Asian leaders can take on regional or global positions, why an entrepreneurial mind-set will prepare leaders for the uncertain future of work and what lessons can we learn from seasoned leaders.

Over the next few months, we will be traveling around to Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and China for regional launches of our Leadership Mosaics Across Asia research. This research dives into what makes leading in his of the nine countries covered – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, India, China, Vietnam and the Philippines – unique as well as what leaders from those countries need to do to bridge the gap to become global leaders. Interested in getting involved? Find out more here.

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We wish you a great month!