Editor's note

April 2017 Editor's Note

Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 02:08 PM

This month we’ll be joining the conversation about the future. Grab's offering driverless ‘robo-car’ beta testing near one-north MRT station in Singapore while research outfits are looking at the future: automation, outbound travel, smartphones, marketing, healthcare, and digital banking just to name a few. Everyone is part of the discussion. Here at HCLI, we’re also looking at how will HR cope the future of work. We’re also asking broader questions like:

  • What is the future of currency and exchange?
  • How do changes in government affect nationalism and work?
  • How will work-life balance change as family dynamics and the ways people work evolve?


One of the books I’ve been gravitating to is Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari. In this sequel to Sapiens, Harari envisions what experiences humankind will have in the future. The question becomes, once humans are able to extend their lives and because we no longer have to fear death and famine, what’s next? Here on HQ Asia, we look forward to exploring what the future might look like.

And before you go, here are a few articles worth a reread:

  • Why is gender parity progress so slow? asks Liz Mellon. Maybe it’s time to focus on the men – educating men on how different genders approach work, identifying what biases they have, planning how they can nurture diversity.
  • Why empathy matters and how a leader can improve their emotional intelligence.
  • What research HCLI is conducting to shed light on evidence-based practices that companies can implement to support advancement of women in corporations.

If you have feedback or an interesting contribution pitch, email me at saramoulton@hcli.org.

We wish you a great month and happy reading!